Month: January 2018

Information Technology

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It refers to relating anything related to computing technology such as networking, hardware, software, internet or the people work with these technologies. It includes different jobs such as Computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, web development, technical support and so on. The study or use of the system for storing, retrieving and sending information is also known as Information Technology. IT in Business: The rise of innovation: Online shopping, Digital Marketing, Social networking, Cloud computing, VOIP communication, cloud computing For accurate business planning… Read More

Interpersonal Skills

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The skill which is used for communicating and interacting with peoples individually and group concern. Communication Skills The ability to communicate with superiors, colleagues, and staffs. It also includes the knowledge of effective interaction with peoples through social media and internet applications. Categories of Communications: Verbal communication Communication involving word, spoken, written or signed. It depends on the clarity of the speech, remaining calm or focused, politeness, encouragement or positive reinforcement. These types of communication occur in the different context like training sessions, presentations,… Read More

Transport System

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Transport System

The movement of goods, animal and human from one place to another by means of vehicles, aircraft or ship. It is a component of product or goods distribution system. The industry can decide the mode of tranport based on their cost, speed, consistency and safety. Different infrastructures of tranport are roads, railways, airways, waterways, canals, pipelines and terminals. Importances: Supply chain management:- Raw material collection, Creation of product values, distribute to wholesalers, retailers and customer Establishment of Market: Employment, Culture exchange, Social… Read More

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